Frequently Asked Questions

Does the MetaTech automatically enter orders? Yes.

How are orders input? All trades are computed and placed by the system which is linked to a broker’s API interface.

Does someone check each pattern? No. Buy-sell signals are generated, and order generation happens very fast, and orders are placed automatically.

Then how do you know it’s right? We do substantial back testing. The algorithms are pulled apart and unit tested. Parameter optimization occurs at regular intervals.

What is your track record? Of course, the MetaTech system does not pick a winning trade 100% of the time. Our goal is to have 60% of all trades profitable which means 40% will not be.

Does the MetaTech system depend on the market trending higher to succeed? No, the MetaTech strategy is symmetrical. That is, long and short positions can occur with equal frequency. Of course, when the market is trending up or down, the long/short order ratio tends to reflect that bias.

Is anybody else doing what MetaTech does? In a recent Google search, we found no firms disclosing this approach. One academic paper discussed a pattern-matching method and suggested that it could be successful.

Are you concerned about trade secrets, copycats, or competition? Actually, because of the peculiar way technical trading works, the more people who utilized a technique, the more successful they all become (within certain limitations). So, we would welcome competitors, and we would consider licensing our system.

What securities does MetaTech trade? Currently, there are about 150 symbols surveyed daily, with plans for more. This includes both stocks and futures and typically the symbols have high volume and some volatility.

How can a trader utilize MetaTech Trading technology? Currently, traders can participate with MetaTech Trading via Striker Securities, Inc.  The Striker platform provides traders with the assurance that compliance and security are kept at the highest levels by this leading firm in the Futures industry. Additional venues for participation will be announced in the future.

Does MetaTech sell or license its technology? Yes we will consider that. Please get in touch.